Devastee is a fashion brand from France, founded by French couple François Alary (fashion designer) and Ophelie Klere (pattern maker) in 2004. Devastee, which means devasted in English, is famous for its funny, cute, and unique designs. The smiling little tombs and little ghosts are Devastee’s iconic characters, which you can find on all of its products. Being very monotone, Devastee succeeded at creating attractive fashion items in black and white.


Devastee’s iconic characters: Smiling Tombstones

In 2013, Devastee had a collaboration with a Japanese exclusive fashion store VIA BUS STOP for the “I❤️青山墓地”, and this was the beginning of Devastee’s story in Japan. 青山墓地, which literally means Aoyama Cemetery, is a cemetery located in Aoyama area of Tokyo. As a collaboration, this project combines the design of Devastee’s tombstone with the design of Aoyama Cemetery’s tombstone, creating very cute designs for t-shirts and other fashion items. I❤️青山墓地 series are loved by both the Japanese and foreigners and sold out in a short period of time.


Devastee’s I❤️青山墓地 T-shirt

A year after the collaboration, Devastee finally opened its first shop in Harajuku, which became its first and only shop of Devastee ever. Many young Japanese and young foreigners visit the shop to take a look at Devastee’s cute and unique fashion items and home decoration items. All of the t-shirts, dresses, trousers, and jackets are made with the finest ingredients, with high printing and sewing quality.


Devastee’s Store in Tokyo

The handbags are designed very well with good details, made with the finest materials and unique ornaments. The price for the handbags are in between 20,000 JPY to 70,000 JPY (tax incl.), which is a little bit expensive for teenagers but worth the price. Actually I have bought two handbags from Devastee, and one of the bags is made from fine leather with a smiling tombstone plate made from woods. I have been using that handbag for more than 1 year, and it still looks good.


Devastee’s Cutlery

Devastee is still a young brand, but considering its cute and unique design, it is definitely worth the price. Not so many people are wearing this brand in Japan, so if you are a type of person who likes to be a trendsetter, then Devatee is a brand that you definitely need to buy!

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