Mokotanmen Nakamoto: One of The Spiciest Ramen in Japan

Mokotanmen Nakamoto is one of the spiciest ramen in Japan, and it is one of my favorite ramen shop in Tokyo. If you are a big fan of spicy food, you should definitely visit Nakamoto for its spicy ramen noodles or tsukemen noodles. Nakamoto is very famous among ramen lovers in Kanto area, and you will always have to line to eat there. Nakamoto serves mainly tanmen, a Tokyo style ramen served with sauteed vegetables topping with salty soup base, but in Nakamoto, the soup base is spiked with red peppers and chili!


Nakamoto’s Gomoku Tanmen

Mokotanmen Nakamoto is very famous for its Gomoku Miso Tanmen (spiciness level: 8), Hokkyoku Ramen (spiciness level: 9), and Hiyashi Hokkyoku Ramen (cold ramen, spiciness level: 10). Some other not-so-spicy ramen are available, with spiciness level from 0 to 8, so you can still eat at Nakamoto even if you are not good with spicy food. You can also try Nakamoto’s mabotofu bowl, which is also famous among the customers.


Nakamoto’s Hokkyoku Ramen

The price of the a la carte menu is from 550 JPY, and the cost of the set menu (rice & mini spicy mabo) is 180 JPY. You can upgrade your ramen or mabo bowl with to extra size or add extra toppings for few hundred yen. Nakamoto is not so expensive, so students can also eat at Nakamoto as well. Eating Nakamoto’s spicy ramen will be very challenging, as your mouth will have to handle the spiciness and the hotness of the ramen. Eating at Nakamoto is just like playing sports, as you will sweat a lot and it will force your bowel to move and digest the spiciness.


Hokkyoku Yasai Ramen, Image Source: Private Source

My favorite ramen at Nakamoto is the Hokkyoku Yasai Ramen, which is the second spiciest among other ramen at Nakamoto. The Hokkyoku Yasai Ramen is basically the Hokkyoku Ramen with sauteed vegetables topping. The other ramen that I like is the limited edition Makoto Fire Ramen, which is spicier than Hokkyoku Ramen, topped with shredded dry chili. Even though the Makoto Fire Ramen (you can see the picture of Makoto Ramen at the top of this page) is told to be spicier than Hokkyoku Ramen, I still think that both ramen are not that spicy enough. Maybe it is just because that I came from a country where spicy food is normal, but still, Nakamoto’s ramen are always challenging to eat!



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