Sin Den: Best International Hair Salon in Tokyo!

If you are looking for a professional and artistic hairdressers in Tokyo, you should definitely visit Sin Den!

Getting a haircut in Japan is never easy, especially if you’re not fluent in Japanese and if the hairdressers are not pro enough to do your hair. All of these issues will go away if you visit Sin Den, as all the hairdressers there speak English, and they are pro enough to “do” your hair for any kind of occasions. From casual to elegant, from a date to fashion runaway, from dyeing to retouching your hair, Sin Den will be the right (or better) choice for you.


Sin Den Hair Salon

The hairdressers at Sin Den have all lived or worked overseas, so you won’t have any problems communicating with them, and you would likely get the haircut that you want. The hairdressers at Sin Den know how to handle Caucasian and the Afro-textured hair and they won’t make a mess with your hair. The hairdressers at Sin Den are well-trained and they always come up with great and creative idea for your hair. When it comes to hair coloring, Sin Den’s hairdressers always use both the Japanese and the foreign hair coloring and applying them with special method to obtain the best coloring results. Japanese people and foreigners have different hair pigment and hair structure, so if you are blonde and have your hair dyed with Japanese hair coloring products, it would tend to fail. The pigments in Japanese hair coloring products are too intense for blonde hair, so they need to be adjusted with foreign products and special techniques.


Sin Den’s Exterior Decoration

Sin Den is one of a kind hair salon with one of a kind design, as the exterior walls are painted in black with an elegant hand-painted murals. The interior decorations are very fashionable, simple, and comforting, offering the best grooming service in Tokyo. From international bankers to famous world class musicians such as Yoko Ono and Sting, Sin Den is very famous among the foreigners for its top-notch haircut and services.


Sin Den’s Interior Decoration

As Tokyo’s best international hair salon, Sin Den provides beauty consultations in English, Japanese and Italian, with an aim of beauty enhancement and finding the best fashion for you in reasonable price. The price for male haircut is in between 6,500 JPY and 9,000 JPY, and for female haircut is in between 7,000 JPY and 9,500 JPY. The price changes depending on which hairdressers that you choose, and payments by credit cards are accepted.

Want a good new haircut? Go grab your stuff and visit Sin Den for a new beauty enhancement!

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