20 Places That Became The Stages of Studio Ghibli Part 2

Following yesterday’s article, today I will talk about another 10 places that became the stages of Studio Ghibli’s animes. These stages are included in 8 animes produced by Studio Ghibli, including the famous Ponyo, Whisper of The Heart, and My Neighbor Totoro.

1. Castle In The Sky

Three stages in Castle In The Sky actually exist in real world, precisely in United Kingdom, Cambodia, and Slovakia.


Wales, United Kingdom

The first stage is in Wales, an area in Western United Kingdom that is rich in nature and greens.


Beng Mealea, Cambodia

The second stage is Beng Mealea in Cambodia, a temple in a forest located 40 km East of Angkor Wat. The temple was built as a Hindu temple, but there are some carvings depicting Buddhist motifs.


Spiš Castle, Slovakia

The third stage is Spiš Castle in Slovakia, the largest castle sites in Central Europe, located in the Eastern of Slovakia. Spiš Castle was registered as the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is one of the biggest European castles by area (41 426 m²).

2. Ponyo

One of the stages of Ponyo takes place in Tomonoura, Hiroshima, which is a port in Fukuyama area. The port stands on the Southern point of Numakuma Peninsula, located 14 km South of Fukuyama Station.


Tomonoura, Japan

Tomonoura was one of the most important ports in Hiroshima area, and it was listed as one of the top 100 scenic municipalities in Japan, and was also listed as one of the top 100 historical natural features in Japan.

3. Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

The stages of Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind take place in Pakistan and Ukraine.


Hunza Valley, Pakistan

The first stage is located in Hunza Valley, a mountainous valley in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan, in the extreme Northern part of Pakistan. Baltit is one of the major tourist destinaions in Hunza, whereas the center of the activities are mostly nearby Aliabad, a commercial hub in the region that has most of the governmental infrastructure.


Syvash, Ukraine

The second stage is in Syvash, also known as the Rotten Sea, is a large shallow lagoons on the West Coast of the Sea of Azov.

4. Whisper of The Heart

The stage of Whisper of The Heart, one of Studio Ghibli’s most famous animes , takes place in Seiseki Sakuragaoka, Tokyo.


Seiseki Sakuragaoka, Japan

Seiseki Sakuragaoka is a calm and quiet uptown area on the hill, located in the outskirts of Tokyo. The area was just a plain residential town, until the local government decided to develop the area as a tourist destination for Studio Ghibli’s fans in 2005, 10 years after Whisper of The Heart released. You can find department stores, shopping centers, and local cafes that have a unique and classic antique atmosphere.

5. Arrietty

The stage of Arrietty takes place in Aomori, at Seibien.


Seibien, Japan

Seibien is a landscape garden in Hirakawa, Aomori. The garden is a part of Seibikan, a property of the Seito family, and built with a Meiji period fusion of Japanese and Western architectural styles.

6. Coquelicot-zaka Kara

The stage of Coquelicot-zaka Kara takes place in Yokohama, the main city of Kanagawa prefecture in Japan.


Yokohama, Japan

The beautiful sea of Yokohama, the slope, and the vintage buildings in Yokohama are the model city of this anime.

7. When Marnie Was There

The stage of When Marnie Was There takes place in Kushiro Shitsugen, a national park located in Hokkaido prefecture, Japan.


Kushiro Shitsugen, Japan

Kushiro Shitsugen is a preservation of the country’s largest wetland and marsh habitat, accommodating the only known population of endangered Japanese Cranes in Japan.

8. My Neighbor Totoro

The stage of My Neighbor Totoro, one of Studio Ghibli’s most famous animes, takes place in Saitama, precisely in Sayama Hills (Totoro Forest).


Totoro Forest, Japan

Sayama Hills is located in Saitama, and it is a natural hills that has farming lands. You can find many birds and insects, and Sayama Hills is also a great spot for hiking in Kanto area!

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