Another English Speaking Hair Salon in Tokyo: Hayato Tokyo Roppongi

Hayato is a top-notch English speaking hair salon in Tokyo, located within few minutes walk from Roppongi Station Exit 5 or Roppongi Itchome Station Exit 1. Established in 1994 by Hayato Tanoue in Nishi Azabu at first, Hayato has achieved many good reviews from foreigners living in Tokyo. Hayato Tanoue, the owner of Hayato Salons, went to New York City in 1991 to build his beauty career at a Japanese-American hair salon for few years. After returning from the United States, he opened a private hair salon “Hayato Beside”, providing a man-to-man hair styling service before opening his first hair salon in Nishi Azabu. Aiming to create a globalized hair salons in Japan, Hayato Tokyo Roppongi offers high quality bilingual hair styling services with creative techniques and excellent relaxation opportunities to the customers.


Interior at Hayato Tokyo Roppongi

Different from most hair salons in Japan, the hair stylists at Hayato are all bilingual. All of the stylists have to go through a training and take language classes for at least 2 years in New York, so yes, all of the hair stylists at Hayato are able to talk to you smoothly in English. The hair stylists at Hayato will answer all of your questions with detail explanations, and this is the main reasons why many foreigners keep coming back to Hayato. The hair stylists at Hayato are also familiar with different hair textures and volume, and their styling, cutting, and coloring skills are top-notch. Hayato is also famous for its great shampooing service, as the staffs are well-trained at washing hair, massaging scalp, and Shiatsu massage. The Shiatsu massage is applied during shampoo and treatment sessions, and if you are lucky, sometimes the staff will also massage your shoulders and back with their top-notch skills.


Hayato Tokyo Roppongi

Personally, I will recommend you to have your hair dye at Hayato, as it offers you hair bleaching service with less damages. The secret of this hair bleaching method is by using Olaplex, a professional hair care products that repair your hair before, during, and after chemical processes. Not so many hair salons in Japan use Olaplex, as Olaplex is very strict at choosing hair salons that can use its products. During bleaching process, you will basically destroy your hair bonds in order to have the high tone color applied into your hair perfectly, and Olaplex works as a protector and fixers, decreasing the damage by cross linking back the broken hair bonds with its active ingredients. Olaplex works very well at moisturizing your hair, preventing your hair from dryness, and decreasing breakage and brittleness.


Hayato Tokyo Roppongi

The price of the services are not that expensive, as the price range for a haircut is in between 5,400 JPY and 16,200 JPY. The price range for hair perms is from 5,400 JPY, and the price for hair coloring is in between 5,400 JPY to 18,360 JPY. Comparing to other top-notch hair salon, I think the price that Hayato offers is not that expensive, as it offers you the best quality of hair coloring using one of world’s best hair treatments that decreases the hair damage before, during, and after chemical processing.


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