Japanese Fake Eyelashes Brands That You Should Try!

Most of Japanese girls use fake eyelashes to add more impacts on their eyes, and this is the main reasons why Japanese fake eyelashes have decent quality. In Japan, you can find many different kinds of fake eyelashes at the drugstore. With Japanese fake eyelashes, you can easily get the cute dolly look, or sexy and glamorous look for your eyes with no hassles. This article will introduce some of Japanese fake eyelashes brands that are worth to try, which you also can purchase online as well!

1. D.UP Fake Eyelashes RICH Series


D.UP Fake Eyelashes RICH Series

D.UP is one of the most famous fake eyelashes brands in Japan, providing high quality fake eyelashes with natural look. D.UP has released many fake eyelashes series, but the RICH series are on another level! The RICH series offer you glamorous line of fake eyelashes, providing double eyelid effect and dramatic effect for your eyes. The hair of the fake eyelashes are very fine, providing natural look while adding rounder and wider effect to your eyes. Among all of the RICH series, I recommend you to try no. 807 for natural look, no. 805 for natural dramatic look, and no. 806 for sexy glamorous look. The price of D.UP RICH series varies depending on the drugstore, but most of them are sold for 1,080 JPY for 2 pairs.

2. Dolly Wink Fake Eyelashes


Dolly Wink Fake Eyelashes

Dolly wink is a long time best selling fake eyelashes in Japan, produced by Tsubasa Masuwaka, a famous Japanese model for Popteen Magazines. Dolly Wink uses fine hair as the materials for all of its fake eyelashes, providing cute and natural look for your eyes. If you have double eyelids, I will recommend Dolly Wink as its product lines give you cute and dolly look, but if you don’t have double eyelids, Dolly Wink eyelashes will not work very well unless you use an eyelid tape or eyelid glue. Among all of the Dolly Wink series, I recommend you to try No. 1 or No. 2 if you have double eyelids, or No. 17 if you have single eyelids. All of these series will give you natural and cute dolly look for your eyes. The price of Dolly Wink series varies depending on the drugstore, but most of them are sold for 1,296 JPY for 2 pairs.

3. Playgirl by Decorative Eyelash


Playgirl by Decorative Lash

Playgirl by Decorative Eyelash is famous for its cost performance. Different from D.UP and Dolly Wink, you can purchase five pairs of Playgirl fake eyelashes for 1,296 JPY. The Playgirl fake eyelashes come in several different series, but I will recommend Playgirl No. 10, No. 13, No. 15, and No. 19 for dramatic, glamorous, and sexy look. The Playgirl fake eyelashes also have fake eyelashes for natural look, and it also has the half size fake eyelashes, so you can combine two different fake eyelashes if you want to! The only thing that I don’t like from this brand is that the material is not as fine as D.UP and Dolly Wink fake eyelashes, making me purchasing this brand only when I am low in budget!


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