Do You Know What Japanese Purikura Is?



Purikura refers to photo sticker booth machines in Japan, and it stands for “Purinto Kurabu (プリント倶楽部)”, the Japanese pronunciation for “Print Club”. The machines were invented for the first time by Atlus, a Japanese game developer company in 1995. The machines later became very famous among young teenagers and Japanese girls gyaru. Purikura was one of the must items that every youngsters needed to have in the past as all the girls took a lot of purikura photos and stick them on the cellphones and on the purikura agenda “purikura-cho (プリクラ帳)”, and these days, even though the popularity of digital cameras, phone cameras, instagram, path, and snapchats is increasing in Japan, the demand of purikura still remains. In fact, the function of the purikura machines are getting better and better these days, which actually became the main reasons why purikura machines are still loved by many people.

Purikura in The Past



Different from the purikura machines nowadays, purikura machines in the past did not have many functions like they are now. The old machines only had photo frames and they don’t have any functions that will help you enhancing your eyes size, slimming your face and body, enhancing the brightness of your skin, or decreasing the size of your pores for perfect skin. You could only choose two or three frames at one photo shoot, and some of the frames have famous persons picture on it, so you can pretend taking pictures with famous persons with the old machines.

Purikura These Days


Purikura Machine These Days

These days, purikura machines have wonderful features compare to what they were before. You can choose at least 6 frames for 6 different shots, and a special frame for a special shot, and you can draw and write on the photos that you take as well these days. In addition to more frames and grafitti features, you can also choose the filter for your skin and your eyes, which will either brighten or darken your skin, and increase or decrease the size of your eyes. The machines these days also makes you look slimmer by making your legs look longer and your cheeks look smaller. The machines will also smoother your hair, so it will look healthier and shiny. You can also add stamps while writing on the photos, adding glasses, or changing your hair color with the pen as well. In the past, many people use purikura agenda “purikura-cho (プリクラ帳)” to keep the photos, but these days, since the photos can be sent to your smart phones and downloaded online, many people have the purikura application, where they usually keep their purikura photos there.

The Future of Purikura Trends


Purikura Machines

The future of purikura trends is still questionable, as instagram is becoming more famous in Japan. To be honest, the demand of purikura machines still remains, but generally people don’t really use purikura machines to take pictures anymore. In my opinion, it seems that only certain people from certain communities are using purikura machines these days. The demand still remains, but it will not increase anymore as the market of purikura machines has become niche these days.

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