The History of Napolitan, A Spaghetti Originated From Japan

Spaghetti is one of the most famous Italian food, and when we hear about spaghetti, we would likely to associate it with Italy. However, there is actually a spaghetti dish which is believed to have invented in Japan. This spaghetti dish is actually the famous Napolitan (which is also spelled Naporitan or Neapolitan) spaghetti, the tomato flavor spaghetti that use tomato ketchup as its main based flavor.


Napolitan Spaghetti With Cheese

The main ingredients of Napolitan spaghetti are vegetables such as bell peppers and onions, as well as sausage, ham, or bacons. The ingredients are stir-fried and seasoned with tomato ketchup. Napolitan is very famous among children and adults, and you can enjoy Napolitan as a light meal at the cafes, and it is also a popular Western food that can be made easily at home.


Napolitan Spaghetti With Basil Leaves

In Japan, each restaurant serves different types of Napolitan with different toppings. Some restaurants add cheese, black pepper, sunny egg, bacons, and Hamburg steak. If you go to a pasta specialty restaurants, you can also find many different kinds of Napolitan spaghetti served with unique toppings.


Napolitan Spaghetti With Bacon & Eggs

Most Japanese people believed that Yokohama is where Napolitan originated, precisely Napolitan is believed invented for the first time at a traditional Western style restaurant in Yokohama Hotel New Grand. The story tells that after the World War II, the second generation head chef of the restaurant created Napolitan based on the spaghetti eaten by the foreign military force, which was seasoned simply with salt, pepper, and tomato sauce. The Napolitan that we often eat these days, uses tomato ketchup and is believed originated from a traditional Western style restaurant called Yokohama’s Center Grill.


Napolitan Spaghetti with Hamburg Steak

These days, you can just go to a casual coffee shop or café if you want to have a plate of Napolitan spaghetti with no hassles. You can also make Napolitan spaghetti easily at your home by making it from scratch, or by buying the instant Napolitan sauce. You can also buy the instant Napolitan spaghetti, or the frozen Napolitan spaghetti at the supermarket, which can be made easily by putting them into the microwave.


Napolitan Spaghetti with Sunny Egg

I usually add red, yellow, and green bell peppers, eggplants, and bacon when cooking the Napolitan spaghetti. After that, I often add cheese as the toppings to make my Napolitan spaghetti tastier, and add red pepper powder to make it tastes spicier. Since the seasoning of Napolitan is very simple, you can add many different types of vegetables and meat inside it if you want to! Since cooking Napolitan is not that difficult, why don’t you try cooking your original Napolitan spaghetti at your home?

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