5 Weirdest Japanese Beauty Enhancer Devices!

Japanese girls have very high self-consciousness when it comes to beauty. The following products are pretty famous among Japanese girls. These products are believed to enhance your beauty if you use it regularly, but on top of that, these products are totally weird, and sometimes creepy!!! Anyways, I heard that most of these items can be purchased at Rakuten World, Amazon, or eBay, so if you are interested in trying any of them, you can purchase it from outside Japan as well!

1. Slim Mouth Piece


Slim Mouth Piece

This slim mouth piece is supposed to fix your ugly smile and to slim your face by training the muscles of your jaws. This product is sold for less than 300 JPY in Japan, and many Japanese girls buy this product to obtain slimmer face and beautiful smile.

My thoughts on this: The most beautiful smile is the natural smile that comes from your heart, you can’t fake your smile.

2. Nose Lift Device


Noise Lift Device

This nose lift device will fix your nose cartilage and train your face muscles for slimmer and lifted nose. Well, it seems that these days we don’t have to spend much money on nose jobs as you can use this weird…nose lift device? for three minutes everyday for a month, for a better nose shape…

My thoughts on this: Well, well, I wanted a smaller nose, so I bought this. No pain no gain, It hurts. Don’t buy it if you hate painful stuff.

3. Slim Face Mask

Some Japanese girls are crazy about this slim face mask, which to be honest looks very creepy for me. This slim face mask will train all of your face muscles and fix the bone structures by pulling it to the right place. It promises you lifted chin, smaller face, and smaller jaws.My thoughts on this: I’m afraid that this slim face mask will actually displace my face muscles and the bone structures.

4. Body Massage Roller


Body Fit Roller

This body massage roller will help you destroying all of the cellulites that you have on your thighs, calves, belly, and arms. Well, basically you can really reduce the cellulites by massaging them regularly, so maybe if you try this everyday you will get satisfied by the results (just assuming).

My thoughts on this: Well, I tried this, and yes it worked, only if you do it everyday with the firming body massage oil. Remember you have to do it everyday and you have to endure the pain!!!

5. Eyelid Trainer


Eyelid Trainer

This eyelid trainer is supposed to help you at training your eyes, so you can get double eyelids. You are supposed to use this 5 minutes everyday for a month to get the double eyelids. I don’t know whether this would work or not, but you can try it if you want to.

My thoughts on this: If it works, I will try, but I’m already afraid that the wire will hurt my eyes or my skin…

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