Hidden Ramen Spot In Shibuya: USAGI!

We brought good news for Ramen lovers today, as we’re going to introduce you one of the best hidden ramen spot in Tokyo, serving light but delicious solid shoyu (soy sauce) based ramen in Shibuya! When we say it’s delicious, it is delicious as the shop is ranked for 3.6 stars out of 5 stars on Tabelog (which is very rare!)!


Tsukemen at USAGI

The ramen shop is called USAGI, which can be found in the outskirts of Shibuya in Shinsen. USAGI is a little ramen shop located within 15-minutes walk from Shibuya Station, and if you are too lazy to walk from Shibuya Station, we recommend you to take the Keio Inokashira Line and get off at Shinsen Station to reach USAGI easily. But hey, walking from Shibuya Station is definitely worth the effort, as the ramen at USAGI is very delicious and enjoyable.


Mizuna Topping at USAGI

The ramen at USAGI is made naturally, without adding any artificial flavors, and in addition to the traditional ramen toppings, USAGI added mizuna (Japanese mustard greens) for a healthier option. The soup has a light, clean, and simple flavor, making the soup is very drinkable. The noodles are a little bit thinner than the other noodles that you can find at other ramen shops. The noodles are under-cooked, so the texture of the noodles is slightly chewier, but not to gummy. The other great thing of USAGI is its chashu. Different from other ramen shops, the chashu at USAGI is very unique. The chashu is dry and a little bit crispy on the outside, very juicy on the inside, and the pork melts right away after you take your first bite. Yes, after all we consider USAGI’s chashu as one of the best chashu in Tokyo (probably in Japan!).


Gyoza at USAGI

In addition to great shoyu (soy sauce) based ramen, USAGI also serves great homemade dumplings. The dumplings at USAGI are very excellent and they match perfectly with ramen and beers. Treat yourself after work with a bowl of ramen, a plate of dumpling, and a glass of beer for a great sensation! If you want other ramen, we recommend you to try USAGI’s Wonton Ramen (JPY 880)Spicy Karamen (JPY 800)Tantanmen (JPY 900), or Tsukemen (JPY 800) as well! I personally enjoy eating the Tantanmen, which is a little bit spicy, little heavier than the normal shoyu ramen, but not too heavy for your tiny belly at all!


Tantanmen at USAGI

USAGI might not be the best ramen shop in the world, but we highly suggest you to try USAGI if you’re craving for ramen but don’t want something too heavy like Tonkotsu ramen (pork broth based), but don’t want something too light like Shio ramen (chicken broth based). USAGI offers you classic choices of ramen, with perfect flavors and textures! The atmosphere of the shop is very calming as well, so you can enter the shop by yourself, or sit alone there on a rainy day! Have a blast by enjoying delicious ramen while listening to the slow jazz music, and gaze over the counter to see the staffs preparing your noodles directly!


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