5 Unique Souvenirs That You Should Buy in Osaka!


Osaka is famous for “Kuidaore”, which literally means that you should eat as much as you can when you are in Osaka, as the city is famous for its delicious street food. Today, we will introduce some of Osaka’s most famous unique souvenirs, which most of them are related to food. Don’t forget to purchase one of these souvenirs as they taste very delicious!

1. 551 Horai “Butaman”


511 Horai “Butaman”

Osaka is famous for its 511 Horai “Butaman”, which is apparently a steamed Pao (bun) with pork and onion fillings. “Butaman” is apparently the typical steamed Pao (bun) that is called “Nikuman” in Kanto area, but since Niku (meat) in Kansai usually means beef, people in Kansai use the word “Butaman” as the steamed Pao (bun) is made from pork. 511 Horai “Butaman” is selling as many as 140,000 per day, and most of the time you have to line in a long queue to purchase the “Butaman”. The “Butaman” will usually last for about 5 days, and you need to reheat them in  a microwave before eating them. The price for the “Butaman” is JPY 184 each, and they are available in shops at the Department stores, Kansai International Airport, Itami Airport, and major stations in Osaka.

2. Kuidaore Taro Puding


Kuidaore Taro Pudding

When you come to Osaka, you should definitely buy one souvenir related to Osaka’s most iconic figure, Kuidaore Taro. We suggest you to purchase the Kuidaore Taro Pudding, for its cute packaging, wrapped in a small box consisting three small hats with puddings inside them. The texture of the pudding is very soft with a very rich caramel Brule sauce. The price of the pudding is JPY 1,150 for a set of 3, and you can find these puddings at shops in Shin-Osaka station, Osaka station and Namba station.

3. Baton d’or


Baton d’or

Baton dor is the high class version of Pocky, which is apparently manufactured by the same company that manufactured Pocky, Glico. Different from the ordinary Pocky, the flavor of Baton dor is very delicate and elegant, as you can feel that the dough of the cookie uses high quality butter. You should definitely get one of the Baton dor flavor as it is only available in Osaka, Kyoto, and Hakata area. Available in Hankyu Department store in Umeda and Takashimaya for JPY 541 each.

4. Dojima Roll


Dojima Roll

Dojima Roll is a very delicious roll cake made carefully by one of the most famous patisseries in Japan. The texture of the roll cake is very fluffy with fresh cream filling that is not too sweet. Dojima Roll is one of the most famous souvenirs among the locals and the visitors, and the roll cake is available for JPY 1,728 each.

5. Uncle Rikuro Freshly Baked Cheesecake


Uncle Rikuro Freshly Baked Cheesecake

Uncle Rikuro Freshly Baked Cheesecake is one of the greatest deal that you can find in Osaka, as you can purchase the whole cheesecake for JPY 648 each. Uncle Rikuro uses the latest technology directly imported from Denmark, making the texture of the cheesecake is very rich, creamy, but not too soft. The cheesecake consists raisins and thick cheese filling.

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