Japanese Strawberries: One of The Best Strawberries in The World

Japanese strawberries can be considered as the most delicious strawberries in this world for its sweet and juicy taste. Strawberries are available in Japan starting from spring until early summer, but nowadays you can enjoy eating strawberries even December. There are many different types of strawberries in Japan, but the most famous strawberry from “Tochiotome” from Tochigi prefecture, the leading producer of strawberries, are in season from March until early May.



As of 2013, Japan is the seventh largest strawberries producer in the world, and most of the strawberries are mainly consumed only in Japan. There are a lot of types of strawberries in Japan, and at least a new type of strawberries are introduced almost every year.



Some of the most famous types of strawberries are as follows: Tochiotome (which literally means “Tochigi Maiden”) from Tochigi prefecture, which are relatively small, sweet, and fragrant, Amao (“Sweet King”) from Fukuoka prefecture, which are enormous and very sweet, Beni Hoppe (“Red Cheeks”) from Shizuoka, which are believed to be the sweetest and most fragrant.


Premium Strawberries

Many people in Japan purchase strawberries as gifts, and you can find many carefully packaged flawless premium strawberries at the department stores during the seasons, which most of them cost several hundred yen or more each. Slightly less perfect strawberries are cheaper than these premium strawberries, which most of them can be found at most super markets.


Strawberry Picking

You can also enjoy strawberry picking in Japan if you want to, which you can enjoy during the spring as many strawberry farms open up their greenhouses to the public. You can pick the strawberries directly from the tree as much as you can within the given time.


Ichigo Daifuku

Since strawberries are very popular in Japan, most of the sweets in Japan uses strawberry as one of its main ingredients. This also happens to the Japanese traditional sweets, and one of the most popular is the “Ichigo Daifuku”, which is apparently is a variation of the classic daifuku mochi, a soft mochi dough dumpling filled with sweet red bean paste, and a whole, fresh strawberry. The other famous strawberry sweets is the “strawberry shortcake”, which made from fluffy and soft sponge cake, whipped cream, and fresh strawberries. You can also try the “Strawberry Cream Sandwich”, which made from fluffy bread, whipped cream, and strawberries.


Strawberry Short Cake

Japanese strawberries are very delicious, so we suggest you to try the Japanese strawberries if you have the chance. The price of these strawberries varies, but mostly around JPY 500 to JPY 5,400. The more premium the quality is, the more expensive the price is, but they are still worth to try for their sweet and juicy taste.

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