Japanese People Eat The Deadliest Fish: Fugu (Blowfish)

Fugu Sashimi

Believe it or not, Japanese people enjoy eating the deadliest fish: Fugu (blowfish). Fugu is a very poisonous fish, it is 1,200 times more poisonous than cyanide, and there is no antidote can cure the fugu poison. Once you are poisoned by fugu, your muscles will be paralyzed, leaving you completely awake but numb, and most of the time you will find that it is hard to breathe with the poison in your body. For many foreigners, eating fugu is very risky and dangerous, but in reality, fugu is one of the best fish to eat when prepared correctly by the professional. Indeed, fugu is one of the most expensive fish cuisines in Japan, and today we decided to give you an explanation about what fugu is.

1. Definition of Fugu



Fugu, or pufferfish, or blowfish, is actually a Japanese name for blowfish. There are more than 500 species of blowfish in the world, and only 22 species of them are eaten in Japan. The most expensive blowfish eaten in Japan is the torafugu (tiger blowfish), which is also famous as the most poisonous one. Most blowfish are poisonous, but some of the species are not poisonous at all, and some Japanese farmers have managed to farm poison free blowfish. The toxin can be found in the organs of the fish, specially in the liver, ovaries, and eyes.

2. Is it Safe to Eat Fugu?


Chefs preparing fugu

It is basically safe to feat fugu as long as it is prepared properly by the professionals. In Japan the fish is regulated strictly by the law, and only licensed chefs can serve fugu. To get this license, chefs must train themselves for at least 3 years and must pass the exam which involves written tests and practical exam. So far, only 35% chefs have passed the test,so the possibility for you to get poisoned by fugu while you are in Japan is very low.

3. How Do You Eat Fugu?


Fugu Sashimi

You can have your fugu served in many ways, but most Japanese people would like to have their fugu served as sashimi. The fugu sashimi is cut in extremely thin transparrent slices, which is called as ‘usuzukuri’ in Japan. This type of sashimi is almost fat free, making fugu sashimi is highly priced in Japan. Another popular way to eat fugu is to boil it in a hotpot. You can also enjoy your fugu as karaage as well. The most expensive part of fugu is the Shirako (soft roe), which is sometimes also referred as the diamonds of the sea. You can have fugu’s shirako as tempura or have it boiled in a hot pot if you want to. Fugu is also rich in collagen and other useful nutrition, so if you have the opportunities to enjoy fugu, we recommend you to give it a try!

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