Five Most Expensive Fruits in Japan!

Japanese Mango

Japanese people are pretty obsessed with fruits, and you can find many different types of fruits in Japan, from the cheapest to the most expensive one, and from the ugliest to the prettiest one. Fruits in Japan are considered as a luxury item, not a staple food. Few people buy fruits to eat at home, and many people buy fruits as a gift. The price of the fruits can be very cheap, but sometimes can be very eye watering for its expensive price. Today, we listed up five of the most expensive fruits in Japan, which is very popular among people who live in Japan!

1. Yubari Melon


Yubari Melon

Yubari Melon is the world’s most expensive melon, which you can only found in the town of Yubari, Hokkaido. It is a variety of the cantaloupe, and there are only few of it sold each year. The melon is usually sold as pairs, and the price of the this melon can be as expensive as 3 million JPY. The melon cannot be found at the fruits shop, so you have to buy this melon through an auction. Yubari Melon is usually purchased as a gift, to make a great and unforgettable impression.

2. Densuke Watermelon

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Densuke Watermelon

Densuke Watermelon is a variety of watermelon grown in Hokkaido, which is famous for its unique stripeless black color. The watermelon is very rare, as there are only 100 Densuke Watermelon harvested each year. The taste of the watermelon is believed to be much sweeter than the regular watermelons, and so far, Densuke Watermelon is the most expensive watermelon in the world. Densuke Watermelon can be as expensive as 650,000 JPY, but if you’re lucky, you can purchase one Densuke Watermelon for 25,000 JPY!

3. Ruby Roman Grapes


Ruby Roman Grapes

Ruby Roman Grapes are the most expensive grapes sold ever, and they made headlines in 2016 as someone bought a bunch of them for 1.1 million JPY. You can only found these grapes in Ishikawa prefecture, and the grapes have been cultivated under very strict rules since 2008. The characteristics of Ruby Roman Grapes are high sugar contents and huge pieces of grapes. To be considered as Ruby Roman, each grape must weigh more than 20 g and have at least 18% sugar contents. The grapes are very rare, and there are only 6 bunches of Ruby Roman Grapes each year.

4. Taiyo No Tamago Mango


Taiyo No Tamago Mango

Taiyo No Tamago Mango is a mango that is grown only in Miyazaki prefecture. The brand name literally means ‘Egg of the Sun’, and in order to be sold under this brand name, the mango must meet strict requirements on its weight and sugar content. So far, Taiyo No Tamago Mango is the most expensive mango in the world, as it can be as expensive as 300,000 JPY for a pair.

5. Square Watermelon


Square Watermelon

Square Watermelon is just an ordinary watermelon, but it comes in a square shape, and most foreigners know this watermelon as many foreign media talked about it for the last few years. Square watermelon was invented to make the packing of the watermelon easier, and more efficient, but later square watermelon became a novelty and then more of a status symbol. You can purchase square watermelon for 10,000 JPY, but it actually can be as expensive as 85,000 JPY too

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