Best-selling Backpack in Japan


Everyone in Japan has probably seen or heard of this best-selling backpack in Japan. If you pay close attention, you can find people with this backpack in many places like on the train, at a shopping mall, at school, etc.
Anello is loved by a wide range of age groups of both men and women because of its variety of colors, materials, designs and sizes.
You might wonder why this backpack is so popular. Here are 7 reasons why:

1. Wide opening – Unlike its look, its capacity is huge. You will be surprised to see how much stuff actually fits in the bag. Its wired wide opening at the top also gives plenty of space to close. It opens so wide and it stands by itself so it looks like a box when it is open. Because of its capacity, it is especially loved by mothers of little babies and kids who need to carry many things but want to have their hands free.



2. 2-way backpack -There are two ways to hold this bag. Of course it is a backpack so you hold it on your shoulders at the back. But this backpack has big and easy-to-grab handles at the top so you can just hold the handles just like a regular tote bag.



3. Big pockets – There is a zipped big front pocket. It holds a big wallet and a cellphone and even more. In the side pockets, you can put a foldable umbrella, water bottle. Baby bottle,



Lightweight – The most common polyester canvas type weighs only 470g which is lighter than a 500ml drink.

5. Zipper at the back – There is a 29cm vertical zipper at the back on one side so if you want to take something out while holding the backpack on your shoulder, you don’t have to open from the top which allows you to reach out things inside the bag so easily.

6. Affordable price – The price varies depending on the materials and the size but the mini-series are available below 5000 yen (~$45 US Dollars) and the regular size ones are available at the price of a little bit over 5000 yen.

7. Many designs, materials and sizes to choose from – the most common materials are Polyester and artificial leather but there are even more varieties of patterns available such as denim, striped, nylon and so on. Most of these designs are also available in a smaller size. It still fits A4 size and its cute look is popular among young kids and students. With this many styles available, you can definitely find a perfect one that matches your style.





Official Website:
They also have some shops in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.
I have a denim Anello and I really like it. I have been using it for over 3 months on a daily basis. It is very practical and durable, still looks like new.

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