Legoland Just Opened its New Branch in Nagoya, Japan!

If you’re one of those lego fans,  make sure that you visit Nagoya this year to check the new Legoland!

The theme park just had its grand opening on April 1, 2017, and it includes not just theme parks and attractions, but also several shops and 13 different food arcades.

There are 7 different areas in the theme parks, which are: FACTORY, Bricktopia, Adventure, Knight’s Kingdom, Pirate Shores, Miniland, and LEGO City.

Observation Tower

At the FACTORY area, you can visit the LEGO factory to see the manufacturing process of the lego blocks. Children can also learn about the history of lego here as well. At Bricktopia area, you can participate in lego workshops, enjoy taking lego lessons, observe the whole park from the observation tower, and definitely don’t forget to experience the NINJAGO! a great simulation show of lego.


At Adventure area, you can hop on many fun and thrilling adventures, and don’t forget to stop by the Oasis Snacks to purchase the lego-shaped French Fries! At Knight’s Kingdom, you can challenge yourself with a bigger thrill in this area as there are some roller coasters to hop on. Don’t forget to stop by the Knight’s Table Restaurant if you want something fancy for your lunch or dinner!

Lego-shaped French Fries

At Pirate Shore, you can enjoy riding on wet attractions and don’t forget to stop by Walk The Plank Snacks for its great Churros. At Miniland, you will see the miniature of Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Nagoya, which is explorable in less than one day! At LEGO City, you will see a bunch of miniatures of the city, which look very beautiful and wonderful! In addition, children can learn how to drive electric car, fly a lego airplane, and drive a lego boat in this area!

Legoland Driving School

In terms of size, Legoland Japan is much smaller compare to the Legoland in other countries. The park does not offer much thrills as the park was designed for toddlers and children, but it’s still worth to visit for its cute attractions and delicious foods. Children can also learn about the history of lego and the driving mechanism at the driving school, so Legoland Japan is a perfect destination for the whole family!

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