Onigily Cafe: Japanese Rice Ball Cafe in Nakameguro, Tokyo!

Nakameguro is a quiet residential area of Meguro in Tokyo, where many celebrities, young professionals, and famous hairdressers live. The area is also home to bike shops, hipster boutiques, unique cafe, fine dining restaurants, and expensive stores selling stuff for pets. The area is also famous for its beautiful view of cherry blossoms in Spring, which blooms along the Meguro river.

Onigily Cafe in Nakameguro

Talking about unique cafe in Nakameguro, let us talk about Onigily Cafe, a Japanese rice ball cafe serving delicious rice balls with various fillings for reasonable price. In addition to rice balls, the cafe also serves miso soup, chicken karaage, fresh salads, desserts, sliced fresh fruits, and fruit sandwich. You can grab and go your rice balls, as you can pack them in a custom-fit box, but you can always stay at the cafe when you’re not in a rush, to enjoy warm, made-to-order rice balls while sitting on comfy chairs.

Interior at Onigily Cafe

You can order your rice balls as a la carte, but the cafe also offers breakfast set menu in the morning, for JPY 540, consisting two pieces of rice balls, pickled cucumbers, miso soup, and a drink. If you want something more, you can add fresh salads as well, as Onigily Cafe also serves minced chicken pumpkin salad (JPY 378 per portion), sweet and spicy potato salad (JPY 324 per portion), and chicken karaage (JPY 86 per piece). If you have sweet tooth, you can order the annin doufu (JPY 324 per portion), rose jelly (JPY 216 per portion), and sliced fresh fruits (JPY 540 per portion) after your meal.

Breakfast Set Menu

The cafe offers many different fillings for the rice balls, which some of them are vegetarian friendly as well. For non-vegetarian choice, you can choose these fillings: bonito flakes, mentaiko takana (spicy pollack roe with pickled green vegetables), salmon flake, teriyaki tuna mayonnaise, mentaiko cream cheese (spicy pollack roe with cream cheese), salty kalbi, meat rolled rice ball, half boiled eggs, and chicken karaage with mayonnaise. For vegetarian choice, you can choose these fillings: yukari (salted red shiso) with natto (fermented beans), leek with miso and shiso, kombu, umeboshi, sesame takana, and salt. All of these rice balls are available for reasonable price, but with better taste compared to the rice balls sold at the convenience stores.

Simple Rice Balls

You can always visit Onigily Cafe to take away the rice balls. and if you don’t have time to stop by, and if you live in Shibuya or Meguro area, you can always have them delivered to your place. The minimum order for delivery is JPY 3,000, with an additional delivery charge for JPY 864.


3-1-4 Nakameguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo

Open from Monday to Friday, from 08:00 to 17:00

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