Host Club: A Place Where Men Sell Dreams To Women

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Have you ever heard about Host Club?

Host Club is a place where women can meet many good looking men, and have these men escorting them by drinking and talking to the women while sitting right beside them. From Okinawa to Hokkaido, you can find various types of Host Club in the red light district area of Japan, but most of the hottest clubs are located in Kabukicho, Shinjuku.

Kabukicho, Shinjuku

Kabukicho is the biggest red light district area in Asia, and it accommodates many adult entertainment facilities such as Host Clubs, Hostess Clubs, Kyabakura (Cabaret Clubs), erotic massage parlor, strip clubs, and soap land (the only prostitution facility in Japan that offers sex). With more than 200 host clubs in that area, Kabukicho has the biggest population of host guys.


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From the newbies to the veteran hosts, you can see many of them on the streets of Kabukicho, talking with the passing ladies, trying to invite them to come and have drinks at the club. The common characteristics of Japanese host guys are: slender men, bright hair color, blown-dry hair, stylish suits, silver or gold accessories, and charming smiles. Selling dreams and loves to the females, these guys have always become the subject of documentaries, television series, and popular manga like “Yamikin No Ushijimakun” and “Shinjuku Swan”.

Kabukicho’s Legendary Host, Nagisa Hikaru

The concept of host clubs is similar to hostess club, and the customers of these clubs are usually office ladies, college students, housewives, hostesses, cabaret girls, strippers, and sex workers). These women come to the club to enjoy a romance experience, as they can enjoy flirting with the hosts. Their jobs are very easy; they only have to sit right next to you, pour and make drinks, light your cigarettes, and be friendly talking to you. Yes, these guys are always nice to the customers; well, their jobs force them to do so.


Renji, One of The Most Famous Hosts in Kabukicho

Hanging out at the host clubs can be very expensive, as the drinks at the clubs are 8 to 10 times more expensive than the normal market price, and customers need to pay the table charge (JPY 7,000 to JPY 8,000), set charge (JPY 3,000), and call charge (JPY 4,000). In addition to these charges, the bills are subject to 43% extra charge as well (35% service charge & 8% consumption tax). Thus, the customers would pay at least JPY 21,000 for the bills (drink excluded), but the clubs usually offers cheaper bills (around JPY 1,000 to JPY 5,000) to the first timers.


The Cheapest Dom Perignon Costs from JPY 80,000 to JPY 120,000 per Bottle

As a first timer, you can stay at the host club for at least 60 minutes (longest is 2 hours) and enjoy free flow of drink (usually soft drinks and Japanese shochu). You will be asked to pay the shokai (first timer) fee, which is around JPY 1,000 to JPY 5,000. The second time you visit the same host club, you will be charged for the standard fee + drinks.


Champagne Tower

Drinks at the host clubs are very expensive, even a bottle of cheap shochu can cost JPY 10,000 per bottle. A bottle of champagne costs at least JPY 30,000, and a champagne tower costs at least JPY 1 million. Very expensive, huh? Yes, the drinks are extremely overpriced, because the salary of the hosts and the monthly rent of the building at Kabukicho is very expensive (around JPY 1 – 2 million per month).

Beautiful, but Expensive Champagne Tower

Hanging out at the host clubs is about playing game. As a first timer, it will be very cheap for you to hang out there. The game starts once you return to the same club again to meet your favorite host. Selling dreams, romance, and chemistry to the ladies, these guys will try everything; from soft body touch to sex, to make you buy drinks for them, so be careful!

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