Climb to the World Heritage Mount Fuji. Mount Fuji (summer) climbing equipment guide

Fuji towering in the border of Shizuoka Prefecture and Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan highest peak at an altitude of 3,776m. In 2013 it was registered as a World Cultural Heritage. Landscape, of course, such as the culture from the unique vegetation and old, the charm is wide-ranging. When blessed with weather, magnificent views and sunrise of Fuji Susono, such as the sea of clouds, you can experience the spectacular natural beauty that was far from the day-to-day.

General climbing season,to early September from officially open Julyup1.Other than the above-mentioned of the season, in addition to the harsh climatic conditions, mountain huts and toilets, for conditions such as aid station is not available is very poor, it can not be recommended for beginners.Different opening-closing time by climbing route. Please note that even in private cars regulation.


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Climbing from Fujinomiya opening the 5th through Fuji skyline (Shizuoka Prefecture).

The difference elevation is to say that the same 5th, the highest of the 2400-meter Fujinomiya 5th of Mount Fuji skyline.It will be the highest point in the place to go in the car, the road is free. What previously was paid, because we are free of, it is easy to run the road.Yamanashi side of Fuji Subaru line is still paid, but there are crowded because hikers often. You may want Yamanashi side of Fuji Subaru line when the tourism mood want to taste.Fuji skyline, there is a bustle to the next, but there is a considerable difference, such as the shop does not have only one house. However, will the Pacific Ocean side, so is the best view of the Suruga Bay.It should be noted that, when you go by car to Mount Fuji 5th, summer there is a general vehicle traffic regulations (shuttle bus service), because the winter is not impassable in the frozen, please be careful.In addition, on weekdays because the congestion is heavy, or to arrive within fairly early in the morning, around noon return is early morning hikers, or from the late afternoon is recommended.It should be noted that, around September that traffic regulation dawns seems crowded. Since there is a mid-November mid-winter closure, is between either, the summer before is recommended.


Summer of Mt. Fuji


winter of Mount Fuji

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