I went to the Kawazu cherry blossom festival in 2018.

Kawazu Sakura? Although it may be said that there are some people who do not come with pins even though it is told, Kawazu cherry blossoms are pink cherry blossoms that will be in full bloom in early March every year in Kawazu town, Kamo gun, Shizuoka prefecture This cherry tree is like a dyed yoshino It ‘s not a cherry blossoms feeling like blooming and blooming. It will be in full bloom after about 1 month since we begin to bloom from the beginning of February every year taking advantage of Izu’s temperate climate and early blooming features. This cherry tree is also classified as early bloom in Honshu and can enjoy the flowering process and maintain the full bloom for a long time. Until a few years ago, unknown Kawazu cherry blossoms have penetrated nationwide in the past few years and now 150 to 2 million people It became an event of just Kawazu cherry blossoms may be blooming from New Year when it is difficult to set up blooming forecast to hijo ~ Flowering begins in late February when it is late or somewhat selfish tour tourist crying crying It can be said. There may be many people thinking “It’s a cheerful cherry blossom!” But once you appreciate it. I’m sure you will heal your heart and let me feel the spring Was it a crushed preface but a cherry blossom like this? ! Why is there a variation in the past few years making it difficult to predict



Grilled pink bread! ! It is tasty and delicious.



Kawazu cherry tree originated from here
It is strong.



The cherry blossoms of Kuya are also entering the year.
Production of seedlings by grafting began when Kawazu cherry wood logs were discovered and shortly after flowering.
The seedlings at that time were also dealt to stakeholders in the Kawazu town, and these cherry blossoms are growing well now and it seems that local people are called first-year students.

Kajiya ‘s cherry tree is also one of them, there is not much tree height, but the splendor and the splendor of many flowers blooming is splendid.

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