5 Recommended Sightseeing Spots in Akita!

Image Source: Akita Namahage by kanegen on flickr

Located in North of Tohoku region, Akita is famous for its great nature, hot springs, samurai villages, and the sea. Akita city is known for its great Kanto Festival, which is held every year from August 3 to August 6. At Kanto Festival, you can see many males lifting long bamboo shafts with many paper lanterns appended to the end.

In addition to the Kanto Festival in Akita city, you can visit Kakunodate city to enjoy its beautiful mountains and the ocean, dip yourself in its great natural hot springs, and to explore its spacious samurai village as well! Below are some of the most sightseeing spots in Akita.

1. Lake Tazawa

Image Source: Lake Tazawa by hiyang.on.flickr

Lake Tazawa is one of the most famous lakes in Japan, which is surrounded by snow topped mountains. The lake is also famous for its gorgeous cherry trees, and it is definitely a great spot for relaxing yourself.

At the northern side of the lake, you can find a shrine named Goza no Ishi Shrine, which is famous for its beautiful red gate and its strong spiritual atmosphere.

You can also find many local shops, eateries, rental bikes spots, and the boating pier as well. From April to early November, you can enjoy boating around the lake with Lake Tazawa’s famous boating facilities as well!

2. Samurai Village at Kakunodate

Image Source: Kakunodate by Kimon Berlin on flickr

Kakunodate is a small town in Kaita that is famous as a samurai region in Akita. Located within 45-minutes drive from Akita city, the city is famous for the Samurai Village.

There are many old samurai houses in the village, which you can enter and explore for free. The best houses are there for you to explore, but you have to pay a little extra for that.

The Samurai Village accommodates not just old samurai houses, but also number of temples, local shops, and eateries as well!

3. Kanto Festival

Image Source: Akita Kanto Festival by yisris on flickr

Kanto Festival is one of the most famous festivals in Japan, and the festival is held every year from August 3 to August 6.

At Kanto Festival, you can see more than 200 entertainers lifting and balancing a 12 m long Kanto on their hands, shoulders, lower backs, and brows.

The Kanto comes in various sizes and weights, and the biggest Kanto is around 12 meters and weighing around 50 kilo grams. The Kanto is appended with many paper lights, and the biggest Kanto is usually appended with approximately 46 paper lights lit by candles.

Kanto Festival lasts for 90 minutes and held daily along Chuo Dori road from 7:30.p.m. to 9.p.m.

4. Akita Omoriyama Zoo

Image Source: Wikipedia

Akita is famous for its great nature, and you should definitely stop by “Akita Omoriyama Zoo” to see its great collection of animal creatures.

Being famous among the local adults and kids, Akita Omoriyama Zoo accommodates animals like lions, giraffe, monkeys, and flamingos.

You can go to a corner where you can touch the animals like rabbits, small pigs, and ponies!

5. Senshu Park

Image Source: Senshu Park Sakura Festival by Yasuhiro_S on flickr

Senshu Park is the biggest and the most famous park in Akita, and it is also famous for its great cherry blossoms view. There are approximately 800 cherry trees in this park, which bloom fully and proudly in Spring.

The park features a replica of Akita Castle, which was built in 733 AD. There is a small museum on the lower floors of the manor, which you can enter by paying the admission fee. You can also access the upper floor of the manor where you can see the beautiful view of the city.


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