Osamu Dazai · Temple with a tomb outside Mori Zen temple

Zenlin is known for having a tomb of Mori Ogai (real name, Mori Hayashiro) and Dazai Osamu.
The location of the tomb is displayed on the map at the entrance of the cemetery, so it is easy to understand. In fact, one more thing to remember is the great ginkgo rising in the center of the square. It is a considerable big tree and the height is 30 m, and in Mitaka City it is designated as the cultural property of the city with the largest ginkgo. Incidentally the second is said to be 22 meters high in the ginkgo of Long Genji in Osawa.
The temple is a temple of the Jodo Shin Buddhist school, located east of Yawata Shrine. A lot of Dazai literature enthusiasts from all over the country gather in the cherry blossom comedy every June 19th.

About 15 minutes on foot from Mitaka Station, it is a good distance to take a walk. Temple where Dazai and Ogai ‘s grave face each other, It is a temple that is pulled back to the Meiji, Taisho and Showa, and is also healed. Recommended Spot


Ordinary grave

↓Cherries are crammed in June


On June 19th, his death announcement, “Okamo peach” announced a month before Dazai Ozawa is called, it is called Sakuramomo and many fans come to visit in Zenlin every year with his tomb .

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