Train mission movies

Michael suddenly restructured the insurance company who worked for ten years at the age of 60. With the usual commuter train, on the way home, while speechless to regular customers, the head is full of housing loans and son’s tuition. A strange woman sits in front of him and said, “I’d like people to search for someone with an important baggage from among the passengers.” Three hints. It is not a regular customer, but a passenger who gets off at the terminal station, named a pudding. It does not resist high reward, begins searching by making use of the experience of the former police officer, but knows that the trap that attacks from the next, the deep mystery, and that the wife and son were taken hostage. By the time we find out that Pudding is a witness to a serious affair that shakes the nation as well, when we finally narrowed down to six people, the terrible

conspiracy that was trickyly structured is revealed.

Evaluation is splitting, but I may like it because of a couple of stupid things. There is also my uncle hobby. “

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