The power of Katori Shrine in Katori city, Chiba Prefecture is amazing

Katori Jingu (Katari Shinku) is a branch office of Katori Shrine, about 400 companies nationwide, in Ichinomiya (the most highly-regarded shrine in the former country region) of Shimoso-kuni (northern part of Chiba Prefecture). Together with Kashima Shrine and Sugu Shrine, it is one of the three companies in eastern part.

Katori Shrine is a guardian deity of the entire region that protects the east of Kanto in pair with Kashima Shrine. The flow of water in Kasumigaura, Kitaura and Tone River is the source of power, and has the strongest spirit power in Chiba Prefecture. Shimosa country (northern part of Chiba prefecture) Born / resident, let us pray for any wishes from here.


Katori Shrine in Chiba Prefecture is a famous shrine like a worshiper visits from all over the country. In the Heian period, it is said that the shrine is so high that it is said that only Katori, Kashima and Ise were called “Shinto shrines”. It is one person who felt the interest after having visited the shrine and got a red seal after reputation that there was actually interest. So we will introduce the information on the sightseeing spots and interests of Katori Shrine as well as the information on the amulet that I wanted to follow.



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