Kashima Shrine Tour – It is a spot counted as three Dogoku shrines with Ibaraki Prefecture ‘s “Suga Shrine” and Chiba Prefecture “Katori Shrine”. It is a historical shrine.

Kashima Shrine is said to be the foundation of the first year of the Emperor Jinmu (660 BC) in the old documents. Only three companies, Ise Shrine, Katori Shrine, and Kashima Shrine, which were called “Shinto shrine” until the modern era, are distinguished in length and history of history. It is the total headquarters of Kashima Shrine where there are about 600 companies in Japan. The culture of “Kashima stand” which prays at the Kashima Shrine on safe trips when traveling was also nurtured.


It is Okumiya Fumiya, a company that is a company of Kashima Shrine. It seems that a company has worshiped the god related to the headquarters, and that the formalities are slightly down there.

However, it is respectable. I built Tokugawa Ieyasu! This is the main shrine in front of the main hall now.

It is surrounded by big trees and it looks like it is shining with sunlight through sunlight. The roof moss feels the history and is a good atmosphere. There are also many worshipers here.




As you go along the back of Okumiya you will find a stone. The essential stone is a strange stone with numerous legends. For example, it is only a part visible on the ground, in fact it is deep underground and holds the head of a catfish that causes an earthquake … · · ·.

Also, Mitsuaki Tokugawa who tried to dig up a stone has suffered from several disasters. It is one of the seven wonders of Kashima.



It is this mysterious pond that is in the precincts. Spring water springs up in this place, it is a shrine pond.
The water depth is about 1 m, but it is said that water does not exceed the height of milk even if a child enters.
It is very clear and the color of the blue shining pond is mysterious. Koi also swim inside.













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