Masuda dumplings Michelin · What is the taste of Bib Gourmand? Small fancy shops a few minutes on foot from Yoyogi Uehara

It has been a long time since becoming a dumpling boom, recently. There are only to say that it is a complete meal that carries carbohydrates, protein, vitamins at one time, and various dumplings are produced by the shop. There are plenty of dumplings in Shibuya Ward, but this time it was chosen for Michelin · Bib Gulman (recommended restaurant with high cost performance, enjoying meals such as courses and single dishes at under 5,000 yen) for the second consecutive year I visited Masuda dumpling.


Organic pigeons are kneaded in the dumpling skin, and all seasonings are handmade. Not only dumplings but also ingredients of snacks are only combinations that can be eaten here only. If I certainly eat this, I feel like it will be a beauty inside the intestines.
When opening an entrance that makes you feel the smell of Asia, the inside of the store has about seven seats and one table in the back. Shelves with seasonings decorated, old watches under adjustment, papers written with efficacy etc on the walls are affixed, a unique air feeling drifted by exotic emotions. First of all, I am surprised that the dumpling skin is grayish. This seems to be that the organic pigeon is blended into the skin with powdered shells. “I want to help wish to wish” is a key word of Morita dumplings. Dragonfly is called detox water dumpling because it has a blood purification function and attracts attention as a food material with beautiful skin effect.




Four kinds of dumplings are “chicken × chinese cabbage and ginger” (upper left) “chicken × cabbage and cucumber” (upper right) “Pork × Daikon and Confectionery (Saitai)” (lower left) “Pork × Curry Flavor and Carrots” ) And pretty unique ingredients. It is made of thick hide and a hat shape to firmly wrap the ingredients. Every kind is addictive to the deliciousness of bite and the deliciousness of the meat juice.



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