Tokyo Okamiya Popular love love There are many people who want to apologize for the power spot’s interests ~


“Tokyo Okamiya” famous as “Ise in Tokyo” in Iidabashi – Kagurazaka neighborhood is popular among women as a power spot of marriage. As a power spot of marriage, it is extremely popular “Tokyo big shrine”. It is a power spot that you often hear about the fact that you actually worshiped and the benefit of marriage appeared.

Tokyo Okamiya was established as a worship place of Ise Shrine in the land of Hibiya in Meiji 13. In 1964, I moved to the land of Iidabashi, and it has reached the present. By the way, “The wedding before the Divine” is due to the founding of Tokyo Dajingu. When going to worship on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, the wedding before the god is being carried out, you can have a happy ceremony from the bride who is white parenthood.



In the Tokyo Daigo Shrine, the Temple Emperor Ogami (Amatera Susume Okami) has been decorated in the main festival.
Because it is a goddess treated as a sun god in the Japanese myth that I entered without saying
I want to shine as a woman! It is perfect God for those who say. The goddess of the sun “Tian Arctic Ogami”, symbolizing Musubi of men and women, “Three Gods of Construction”, a “beauty warrior” which is said to be a beautiful beauty of women is enshrined and is a famous shrine in Tokyo as a shrine of women’s marriage .
“A boyfriend can do, a boyfriend can be married,” and a reputation is called, and young women come from all over the country seeking good relationships.
In addition, it is also connected with the fact that Emperor Taisho performed the wedding before the gods first in Japan, the place of ceremonial ceremonial cradle and popularization.


Because it is a shrine of marriage, there are many kinds of amulets and it is cute.
When I have a wide variety of amulets for women, I feel that there is a good edge in the near future.
I also bought one.

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