Ten Tokyo companies crawled around Tokyo

Tokyo Ten company is the company that the Emperor Meiji established as an imperial shrine in 1868 and prayed for the refusal of Tokyo and the peace of all people.

We called the company around the company as a visit to Tokyo Corporation, 1975, 1975, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Emperor Showa, this ten company tour began.

Also, on October 10, it is the day of visiting Tokyo 10 companies.

There are ten shrines that Emperor Meiji has been admitted to represent Tokyo, although specific interests and benefits have not been decided by ten companies. For each shrine there is a particularly strong God and please start it for an application.

I accomplished it in 4 days. Have Margin benefit ~
There were also 12 subordinate shrines in the suburbs, but Fuchu shi Tokyo “Okuni soul shrine” and Kuki shi Saitama ken “Washimiya shrine” are not inside the 23 wards of Tokyo, so they are removed. I would like to go next time.

Kameido Shrine famous for the wisterie season


Ginkgo biloba in the precincts of the prince shrine is known as a power spot, so we recommend not to forget to visit when visiting.


In a small shrine, hydrangea blooming from April to May is beautiful



Nezu shrine is a fossil company that was established by the hero of Japanese mythology 1900 years ago by Yamato Takeru Satoshi, the azalea which blooms in April – May every year is also famous.


Happy shrine standing in the Akasaka building group


Akasaka Hikawa Shrine is famous for having a marriage prospect


A colorful shrine. Numerous stone monuments commemorating the great sumo wrestling including “Yokozuna Taisen monument” are built in the precincts.


The god of prosperous business. The beginning of work is here! As much as a salaried worker.


Although it tends to hide in nearby Zojoji, God of marriage, recently the shrine which is extremely popular especially for women.


It is the guardian of Tokaido Hokkaido Ryokan. Because Tokaido is long, we need a guardian god.


It seems that my heart has been washed through more than 10 companies … · · · It is a refreshing everyday. Thank you God.

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