I went to Enoshi and watched the Big Buddha at Hase Temple and Kamakura.

Kamakura is seeking beautiful nature and many tourists visit.
The rainy season is about to come when the hydrangea is about to look, but at that time it is hard to get crowded.
This time I visited at the end of the hydrangea that avoided the crowd. A good space expands.

This temple is an old temple from the time before the Kamakura period. It is said to be founded in the Tenpyo eighth year (736), it is the fourth Buddhist temple of Bando Buddhist temple at Bando 33, and the Ten Kannon Kannon of Honshu is 9.18 meters tall and it is said to be Japan’s best in wooden construction. This statue is a single tree of Kusunoki which is the same as Kannon of Hase of Temple of Yamato, standing standing beautiful. It is said that Ashikaga Takahisa gold leaf was given to Yasunaga first year (1342), Yoshimitsu Ashikaga made a spotlight in 3rd Ming Dynasty (1392). In the treasure hall there are bronze bells with the inscription of the first year of Bunbunsha (1264), and a strange Buddha with the inscription of the former virtue. Honma is Ten Kansei Bodhisattva.


Honjyu of Hase-dera is “the wooden eleventh surface Kannon”

In 721 (5 years of retirement), the two Buddhist teachers (Keikenne) and Isao Kokusai (Keishku-kun) carved the twelve eleven-faceted sound images from one camphor tree, I raised it.

One was settled in Hase temple in Nara, but from the wish that “one appears in relatives and saves people” is said to have been thrown into the sea by row line.

It is reported that the Kannon statue was transferred to Kamakura after 15 years from the fact that it arrived at Poura of Nagai in Miura Peninsula.

However, it is said that the “eleventh-faceted sound image” that is currently resting is hardly to be said of the era of Tokudo, it is thought to be a work after the Muromachi period.

“Eleven view image” is the largest in Japan with a height of 9.18 meters. Honjyu of Hase-dera is “the wooden eleventh surface Kannon”

Aoku-cho of Hase-dera Temple
It is splendid!



Kamakura Big Buddha is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Kamakura, which is said to be a symbol of the city. This time, we will introduce the highlight of “Kotokuden” which the great Buddha like Kamakura’s only national treasure Buddha statue sits upon.

Honjyo of Kotoku-in, “Kami Amitabha,” which gives off an intense presence. It is too famous for the nickname “Great Buddha of Kamakura” and “Great Buddha of Hase”.
Its history is still unknown and enveloped in mystery, but according to “Azumakira” the establishment began in 1252 years. Once surrounded by a huge Buddha statue, it became deep sanctuary due to the subsequent natural disaster.
Approximately 11.39 meters high (about 13.35 meters including base), weighs about 121 tons. That size is exactly equivalent to calling “Big Buddha”, it overwhelms the viewer.
Moreover, not only the size but also the beauty unique to the Buddha statue of Kamakura, where the influence of China Sung style and the school god (faction of Japanese Buddhist) is blended together is also attractive. Compared with the Great Buddha of Nara, it is also valuable to leave the appearance of the original image almost, and it is the only national treasure designated in the Buddha statue of Kamakura.
“Kamakura Great Buddha” that is huge and beautiful suited for the sightseeing is well known as a symbol of the city of Kamakura as well as Kotokudo.



The Great Buddha has an entrance from which you can enter the womb of the Great Buddha. Although there is no admission fee, there are not many opportunities to put in the great Buddha, so please enter it.


Akutosu in Kotoku-in
Although it is thin, there is artistic taste!



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