Tanabata limited aisaka shrine rice ball motif cute in Tanabata 2018


Takagi Shrine is a shrine in Oshikami Sumida Ward.
It was reported as the creation of the Muromachi period in 1468, and was respected as the guardian of the former Terashima Nitta, and it was called “the sixth heavenly company” in the old days.
Takaki Shrine “in the system of separation of God Buddha and Buddhism in the early Meiji era.
The company name is said to be because the alias of the Takamado spirit, the God of God, is “God of Takagi”.
This Takagi Shrine, Akashi and Azure Printing Book, amulets and other gift items are very cute! Its popularity is increasing, mainly in women. We will introduce such gifts and the state of the precincts.


The limited auction of Tanabata in 2018 is here.
Omi princess and Hikiba are cute ~
Every year from July 1st to 9th.
Although it is written down, · · ·


Land pattern It is slightly narrow,
It is popular as a compact shrine ~
Recently collaborated with “Takagi san who is a great teacher” of animation with Takagi Tsunagi,
It seems to be popular among young people and foreigners.
It is a handsome shrine ~


This work, which imaged the original comic of the same name that exceeded the cumulative total of 3 million copies (Yuichiro Yamamoto / in series of Shogakkan “Gessan”), “Takagi-san’s connection”, “Takagi Jinja” of Oshima, Sumida Ward, Tokyo It also shows an exceptional effort to collaborate.



I got off at Oshigami station, so I went to a familiar Ibaraki Sushi shop “Taste”. Sweet fellow Iarusa sushi is the taste of your mum! ! There is no odd ingredients and preeminent compatibility between sushi and sesame seeds. It’s like retro sushi is not cooked and it’s made if you order it … Retro. It was very delicious so I would like to ask if there are opportunities again.

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