Fuji’s foot at the foot Power Spot North Exit Fuji Asama Shrine Up love affair


Fuji of elegant appearance, but repeatedly erupted repeatedly erupted, so as to quench the wrath of God, a number of Asama Shrines were built as volcanic god (Asama god). Although Mt. Fuji who breathes a fierce fire while looking beautiful, the image with Japanese goddess “Kanohana Kaya Hime (Konohana Sakuyabime)” which gave birth in fire while having a beautiful appearance overlapped, “Japanese ancient mountain faith” → ” It is “North entrance Fuji Asama Shrine” that enshrines Japanese gods in the order of “Asama goddess” → “Kana Hana Yaya-Hime”.
Among the many Shimousu Shrines throughout Japan, “Kitaguchi Fuji Sengen Shrine” in Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture, is a sacred place where the power of “Japanese Taketomi (Yamato Takeru Nomikoto)”, a legendary hero in Japanese ancient history, lives . It is also a place where snow melting water gushes along the powerful air flow (dragon bowle) squirting from the top of Mt. Fuji, and it is also very strong for the Kamiki (Fuji Taro cedar, Fuji couple cypress) with a tree age of about 1000 years towering on the left and right of the hall of worshipers. Power is hidden.


A torii torii

I am thankful that the ladies’ greetings are welcoming and the lanterns that are falling down in some places are the shrines that are quieting Mt. Fuji.


Trees of hundreds of years old age passed on a critical mind

It was a wonderful shrine.


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