One of Japan’s three biggest shrines Arayayama Shrine



Can you get the one with the edge only? It is an old-fashioned quiet shrine.
Foot of Mt. Fuji, the source of knowledgeable gold power people to know.
It may be power-up if you visit two shrines in the main shrine and Okumiya.
First of all, visit the main shrine, climb the red torii and the stairs to the main shrine.
Before worshiping, I received a sanctity from the shrine maiden and bowed down two applause applause.
After that, we will raise you while visiting Okinawa.
I did not quite understand … · · · · · · · · Is it still immature in luck?
Even feeling that you can prosper

The journey will continue to Okumiya after the main shrine visit.
Actually it is Okumi who is referred to as Kanko Shrine.
It is settled around Mt. Fuji. It might be difficult to go without a car.
Arriving Okumiya, two red torii were built on the right hand after going down a little in the forest, after worshiping from the left company, we went through the torii of the back right and worshiped the company with the best power spot. It was said that dreams will come true 3 laps before, but it was said that it is better not to go behind the company when asking the priests.

Since we have gone a lap it is reflection.


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